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August 10, 1952

Physique Pictorial cover spawns censorship

Cover date of Physique Pictorial issue bearing a cover painting by Quaintance, “Sacrifice” depicting a nearly naked man chained in spread-eagle suspension to a vertical sun disk.  In the foreground two virtually naked warriors lie bleeding (dying) from arrows penetrating their backs.  This cover resulted in censorship in Los Angles county.  No one objected to the bondage, blood, or violent theme.  They wanted the lushly rounded asses of the dying warriors covered.

January 23, 1934

Steele Act signed

Steele Act signed

Washington State Governor Clarence Martin signed the Steele Act establishing the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

April 6, 1000

Philip II of Macedon

382 BCE, April 18:  Birth of Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great. In 350 BC he leaves on a military expedition, taking with him 800 boys to be used for the pleasure of himself and his officers.

January 8, 1000

Grab Him by the Balls

300 BCE:  Addeaus of Macedon is quoted as saying, “When you meet a boy who pleases take action at once. Don’t be polite, just grab him by the balls and strike while the iron is hot.”

January 7, 1000

Alexander the Great

356 BCE, July 20: The birth of Alexander of Macedonia — known to history as Alexander the Great — king, general, world conqueror, and lover of men, particularly Hephaiston, whose death in 324 he mourns extravagantly, and the eunuch slave boy Bagoas, who had been a favorite of Persian king Darius.

January 5, 1000


418 BCE, Dec. 25:  Birth of Epaminondas, one of the great military geniuses of the ancient world. Like other Greek warriors he loved boys, but for him delight in boys was complete, he never married or produced an heir. His two favorite boys fell in battle and, by his order, were buried with him in his tomb.

January 4, 1000

Etruscan Tomb

Ca. 540 BCE:  The Etruscan Tomb of the Bulls at Tarquinia, with its fresco depicting one man anally penetrating another.

January 3, 1000


580’s BCE:  Sappho’s famed girls’ school flourishes on the isle of Lesbos. Her exquisite love poems to students are the earliest known lesbian writings.

January 2, 1000

Greek Warriors – boys

600 BCE:  After this date it becomes customary for Greek hoplites, the upper class warriors who fight in the phalanx, each to take a boy of 12 as a lover to train until he is 18 and can hunt and fight. In Crete a ritual kidnapping consecrates the pairing.

January 1, 1000

100 Foreskins

1000 BCE:  The Israelite king Saul demands of David, as a bride-price for his daughter Michal, 100 Philistine foreskins.

April 18, 0043


45-68 CE:  Reign of Nero (born Dec. 15, 37 BCE), who as Emperor of Rome, would elevate torture to new heights as a spectator sport.