This is where you’ll find a really cool timeline, showing the history of the Leather community, as it is reported to us. Have something that should be here? Let us know!

June 15, 2020

Landmark Decision

The US Supreme  Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that you can not be fired from your job if you are or are perceived to LGBT

January 1, 2020

The Cuff has a new owner

The Guild (Joey Burgess and Mark) took over ownership of the Cuff Complex.

January 1, 2020

Lesbian Sheriff

Margo Frasier begins her term as Sheriff of Travis County, Texas. She is the first out lesbian to be elected sheriff in the US.

July 7, 2012

VAN-PAH founded

Vancouver Pup and Handlers was founded on July 7th, 2012 in Vancouver BC

April 7, 2012

SEA-PAH founded

Seattle Pup and Handlers was founded on April 7th, 2012 by Gadget & Baus Yukon

January 21, 2006

Doghouse Leathers is born

Doghouse Leathers was born inside one of the bathrooms in Cuff Dance as a weekend outpost.   It was only 6 feet by 7 feet but was quickly filled to the ceiling by Daddy Jeff.  Read More

November 27, 2004

The Satyrs Celebrate!

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles, the longest running gay organization in the world, celebrated its milestone 50th Anniversary at the Hollywood Palladium with 330 in attendance. The highlight of the evening was the screening of Original Pride, a documentary produced and directed by Scott Bloom, who would later be inducted as club president.

October 9, 2004

Portland Uniform Weekend

Portland Uniform Weekend XII, sponsored by Andy Mangels and IN UNIFORM On-line, was held in Portland, OR and included two dinners, haircuts by the men of Clippers, bar and club nights, buffet brunches and a guided uniform shopping tour.

September 4, 2004

Equniox V

Seattle Men in Leather was scheduled to host Equinox V: Back to Basics over Labor Day Weekend, September 3-6 at a church camp on the slopes of Washington’s picturesque Mt. Rainier about 90 minutes from Seattle.  The Camp canceled the contract one month before the run was scheduled to take place.  They decided that they didn’t like the type of group SML was.  A few months later, the church was forced to close and sell the camp.  Karma?

Equinox V became an In-Town  run with a bar night, play party at Club Z and of course – SML Brunch.

February 4, 2004

Alan Selby turns 75

Daddy Alan Selby of Mr. S Leather celebrates his 75th birthday in San Francisco.
August 9, 2003

Portland Leather Pride Week

Oregon Leather Pride Week ran from Friday, August 1 through Sunday, August 10 in Portland, OR and featured the Fourth Annual Leather, Feathers and Fur Fetish Ball, Uniform and Buzz Cuts Party, a concert by Mark Weigle and Maria Webster, Leather Family Barbecue, Leather and Lace Show and the Mr. and Ms Oregon State Leather Contest.

January 5, 2003

Georgia Supreme Court strikes down law

The Georgia Supreme Court struck down a 170 year-old law that made it a crime for unmarried people to have sex. The January ruling came in the case of a 16 year-old boy discovered having sex with his girlfriend in the bedroom of her home. The young woman's mother made the discovery. "Our opinion simply affirms that ... the government may not reach into the bedroom of a private residence and criminalize the private, noncommercial, consensual sexual acts of two persons legally capable of consenting to those acts, Chief Justice Norman Fletcher wrote.
January 1, 2003

West Coast Pup & Trainer Contest

West Coast Pup and Trainer Contest, Los Angeles, CA
May 11, 2002

Mayor Proclaims Portland Leather Pride Week

A proclamation is issued by Mayor Vera Katz of Portland, Oregon, designating this week as “ Leather Pride Week “ and recognizing the local leather community for its contribution to the city’s diversity The move was immediately attacked by the Concerned Women of America. Portland was the second city in the United States to issue such a proclamation, San Francisco having been first.

November 23, 2000

Scott Rodriguez

Scott Rodriguez, co-owner of The Cuff Complex died on November 27. Scott was a Seattle Men in Leather member, the founder and president of the Washington State Mr. Leather Organization and was named the 1999 GSBA Business Man of the Year. Scott served as a judge for the International Mr. Drummer Contest, American Brotherhood Contest and numerous local and regional contests. He was recipient of the Pantheon of Leather Business Person of the Year Award in 1994 and Northwest Regional Award in 1997. He served on the boards of Generic Leather Productions (GLP), and NLA, Seattle Chapter.
July 21, 2000

Tony DeBlase

Tony DeBlase, creator of the Leather Pride Flag, past publisher of Drummer Magazine, founder of the Leather Archives & Museum, author and Leather community activist, died peacefully in Portland, Oregon, on July 21 after an extended illness, largely involving liver failure.
July 8, 2000

Attleboro Case

Two police officers in Attleboro, Massachusetts, break into a warehouse looking for stolen guitars, interrupting a private play party. The resulting arrests and publicity quickly become known as the "Paddleboro case," one of the recent court cases involving SM. They seized partygoers’ Palm Pilots, which contained personal contact information. One of the arrestees was charged with “possession of an item of self-abuse”—the sort of thing that you apparently know when you see it—and another was charged with “possession of a dangerous weapon,” which turned out to be a large kitchen spoon.
October 29, 1999

San Diego Six

Officers of the San Diego Police Department's Vice Unit entered the play party that Club X was holding and then issued citations to approximately six individuals. These six attendees were cited for lewd behavior and/or nudity in a public space. These citations were all classified as misdemeanors. The case became known as the San Diego Six. 
May 15, 1999

Portland Uniform Weekend VII

Portland Uniform Weekend VII and included two dinners, a chance to attend the infamous Clippers party, special bar nights and buffet brunches, a tour of a historic Air Park, and a Military Collector’s Show.

April 22, 1999

Alan Selby becomes US citizen

The Mayor of Folsom Street, Alan Selby, became a US citizen on Thursday, April 22 in San Francisco, CA and quite a to-do it was. Alan founded the Mr. S Leather store.