The creation of a Doghouse

January 21, 2006

Doghouse Leathers was born inside one of the bathrooms in Cuff Dance as a weekend outpost.   It was only 6 feet by 7 feet but was quickly filled to the ceiling by Daddy Jeff.

The original stock was purchased from Tex’s Leather which had operated for a few months inside Cuff Coat Check.  Just before Thanksgiving, Tex’s past caught up with him and he was transported back to California to serve time.  It was New Year’s Eve day and Daddy Jeff and Puppy were eating dinner at IHOP when Puppy said that we should buy out Tex and open up our own Leather Shop.  Daddy’s head whipped around with the comment – WHAT?

After a few weeks of discussion, Daddy worked out a purchase price for the stock via the prison phone line.  The name “Doghouse” came from a photo on our fireplace mantle from when Puppy had run for Imperial Prince for the Imperial Court of Seattle the previous year.  Puppy had performed the Ray Stevens song “Back it the Doghouse Again” with a large cutout of a doghouse.  AXEL (artworkbyaxel) who was living in Seattle at that time created our logo.  Axel also did the logo for Mr. S Leathers, My B, Vulcan and was a regular contributor to Instigator Magazine.

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