Maxey’s Flower Bombs

Maxey Moon and I (Robert Allen) used to make Flower Bombs to add life and color to empty or dull spots of dirt in our neighborhood. They are actually fun to make. All you need is a natural muddy soil (helps form the balls), Peat moss, osmacote fertilizer pellets, and a bag of perennial wild flower seed. They worked well at dead end streets and low brush vacant lots. Even amounts of clay and peat to form golf ball sized mud balls with water. Use 1/4 tsp of osmacote and 1tsp of seed. Allow balls to slowly dry. Drive around or walk your little buddy and randomly throw. Spring is perfect. They gradually break down and will sprout and reseed year after year. It might take some creative tossing with multiple balls. Have a couple of ball parties! One for making and one for gayly throwing them about.

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