Cuff Memories – 27th Annivesary

What a crazy month it has been.

I really hope everyone has been surviving the isolations. I know it’s been a little crazy with our social events being postponed.
I’m still very sad that Leather Pride month and the Washington State Leather contest has been postponed. But not only is it not happening this weekend but a huge anniversary was suppose to happen. The Anniversary of The Cuff Complex. Yup the Cuff tomorrow is 27 years old. Opened in 1993. Some of you on my friends list where not even around then.

Back in November of 2002 I came to Seattle for a week visit. I had planned on moving here in January and wanted to see what it was like. My boyfriend at the time was really excited to show me the Cuff. Before moving to Seattle, I was doing a lot of the clubs in Savannah GA. I had never been to a leather bar before. My eyes lit up.

To my surprise, there was more areas of the bar then Just walking in the front door. I could not believe how it just kept going.
How big is this place?! It just keeps going To the dance floor, patio and then dog run. This place is amazing.

I visited the cuff quite a bit over the next few years. I planned many events and outings there with the furries. I’ll never forget the day when Jeff Henness came up to me and asked if I was there with the furries. I had talked with Jeff a number of times when coming to visit. I told him yes I was with the furries and he then let me know that furries where always welcome at the cuff. This warmed my heart.

As the years went on I got involved with more of the group. I went to a number of SML events. I got involved with SEA-PAH and from there met SGoL SBoL and the Sisters.

So many people call the cuff home

I’m sad I won’t be at The Cuff on Saturday having a Manhattan mixed perfectly by Rick Graven. Or get to hang out with the normal staff while seeing those in the leather community I hadn’t seen in a while and catching up

I will not get to see Toby James Noon and thank him for his hard work with WSLO and the rest of the board to put on an amazing contest.
I will not get to see Chris Kauffman, Shawna Clausen and Cinder Welpe give their speeches and give them warm hugs after the contest and thank them for their year of service to the community. I will not get to ask them… “So what’s next. Your title year is done but you are not”
I will not get to congratulate the new title holders and offer my services to them in the up coming year with what ever projects they want to do.
I will not get to hug the runners up and acknowledge the hard work that they have done and encourage them to keep going.
I’m missing my watering hole.. I’m missing my community. I’m missing my home. Taking a few moments to thank those who have worked so hard for us over all of these years is totally worth it.
I really hope the Cuff staff knows we love you and we can’t wait to come home.
Happy Anniversary – Kitty

Julia Kaplan  – Lainy and I were there when the Cuff first opened, to help celebrate it’s birth. At the time, Outer Limits, the large LeatherDyke club, had long taken over the Wildrose as our clubhouse, but we all wanted to welcome the new Leather bar into existence.
Lainy and I held our wedding reception there on the dance floor in 2004, after getting married in Portland, becos WA state hadn’t legalized it yet.
We were there, again on the dance floor, when Allena Gabosch had her first fundraiser, as she told us all about her idea for this play space club called the WetSpot. We both signed up immediately, becoming members #303 and #304.

Countless contests, fundraisers, Leather history panels, bbqs, dancing, laughing, supporting so many different things and organizations…I once paid $20 to push Billy Lane’s face into a cream pie for some event.😆

And Daddy Jeff and Puppy were always there.❤️

Argus Pup It’s a home away from home, and it’s that for many in the community. I have far too many memories to put into words that are special to me, and they only could happen there. I’m glad I am not alone in that feeling

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