A Stopped Party

Our dance party has suddenly stopped — the one with thumping music and flashing lights we were enjoying with our like-minded friends. We feel shock and disappointment of our favorite tunes being silenced along with the wild lighting, leaving us wanting to return to the escapist joy we had just a little while ago.

We didn’t want our party to stop! We had wanted more lights and louder music to elevate our experience even more! We had wanted to sometimes laugh at or criticize those who we didn’t want to celebrate our party theme. We were enjoying focusing on our pleasure in the moment that we shared with our invited friends.

At first we are shocked. We want our party back! Some of us get angry and look for blame. We remember our yesterday, when our ignored troubles seemed so far away. We fight changing what we are doing; stopping to rest and reflect seems odd and harsh. We resist cleaning up the trash and spills that accompany any party.

We will host and go to future parties, although they have yet to be scheduled or have a theme. Until then, we now have entered into a time of quieter reflection. A joy remains attainable if we listen for the still small voice of calm in ourselves and in others for awhile.

By Joseph Story, March 2020

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